Services and Solutions


Based on the core value of Commitment and Collaboration we unburden our customers by:

  • Creating the translation from the actual demand from the organization to the best ICT solution (the question behind the demand),
  • Lay out the preferences, requirements, and possibilities within the ICT solution,
  • Designing and building the new ICT environment from existing building blocks,
  • Functioning as the bridge between the ICT contractor and the client,
  • Guiding the selection of the possible new ICT application(s), and
  • Managing the process.


Amijs and Amelis ICT offers solutions in the areas of collaboration, communication, and information management. Some examples include:

  • Client portals with integration into your back-office applications,
  • Solutions for request and review processes, and
  • Automation of documents and messaging from your back-office applications.

We specialize in the application of Microsoft Power Platform. This low-code platform allows us to build and implement software flexibly and quickly.