The story behind Amijs en Amelis

Amijs and Amelis is the story of a close friendship between two boys during Medieval times. They are the same age and very much alike. They experience different adventures during which they lose sight of each other, yet find each other again. Together they experience extraordinary adventures, support each other and care for each other.

The support goes so far that Amelis must perform a dramatic act to cure Amijs of his leprosy. Amijs can only heal if his wounds are covered with blood from Amelis’ children, an angel informs Amelis at night. Amelis must behead his two sweet-playing sons (“young and handsome, of three years”). He performs the act and the treatment with the young blood works immediately. A miracle: Amelis is cured.

An even greater miracle: the next morning, Amelis’ sons are back in bed playing happily, with only a scar on their necks (“as if it were a red thread”). The end of the story is the most beautiful. The two friends die honorably, in Charlemagne’s army. They are given a beautiful tomb, in two different churches. But the next day, they are found in one grave, side by side.